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scores for a dance, 2023.
red safety stake flags, 16-gauge galvanized steel wire

Red safety stake flags are used by surveyors to locate power lines, cables, conduits, and other electrical utilities. The flags are often staked into the ground throughout the duration of a worksite to notify passersby of a potentially hazardous area. In scores for a dance, I am using 16-gauge galvanized steel wire and the form of the safety flag—a square and a line—to trace potential movements and gestures in space. The safety flags are staked in the wall with their stem connected to the steel wire, suspending and holding the tension of a position, of a potentially hazardous area. The curvature of the stems are provisional and return to their ‘normal’ state. I relate this to the completion of a worksite when the flags are pulled out of the ground and the site being returned back to ‘normal’.

Through drawing, I’m interested in how the flags can communicate movement—swiftness, control, restraint, vibration, suspension, bending, twisting, sustaining.